forced feminization

Forced Feminiation Cams

Forced Feminization Cams

I have to admit I love nothing more than forced feminization. Forcing a man into woman clothes and then humiliating him always makes me smile. Stripping him down and making him stand to attention in front of me than forcing him into some sexy slutty females clothes.



I will demand that you bring some panties with you and stockings and then I will have you stand and dress in front of me and if you do not do as I say I could enforce the whole blackmail scenario. I will use the information I have on you and ruin your life if you do not dress exactly as I demand.

If you are ready for this type of scenario then make sure to come and chat to me soon. If you are now ready for

Open your wallet for

I absolutely LOVE using forced feminisation on my hapless slaves. The deep look of shame on their face as I force them to wear sissy panties, stockings, a puffy dress, wig, makeup and of course some strappy high heel shoes, always makes me smile. I love the humiliation they suffer and I enjoy the power I have over them.

I always insist they curtsey to me like a good sissy. One foot behind the other, holding on to the sides of their dress and lowering themselves with bended knees and lowering their heads. Some times I make them practise over and over till I am completely satisfied they are doing it to my high standards. I am a very strict mistress cams Domme and I demand 100% perfection from my forced sissy webcam bitches.

Making a male slave into a sissy maid if a lot of fun for me. I love to make them get on all fours and scrub the floor. Some times I make them use a toothbrush so they are kept active for longer. I make them scrub the toilet and get right round the back or I have them do the whole house from top to bottom. I do not care how long it takes them or how hard it is.

They are my humiliated sissy maid slave and they will do as they are told.
I sit online and I watch them flounce around with their blond bobbed wigs flowing around and they’re make up all done. Watching their puffy skirt flap around and their sissy panties are on display.

I some times set them tasks for sissies. Some times I demand they be pimped out as a cheap blow job slut to make me money or as a cheap-ass to be fucked and filled with cum by horny guys. I make them earn me money like a good little pimped out crossdresser.

Usually, they have to “work” all night to make enough but that is their problem, not mine. They can be fucked up the ass or have their face fucked
I am an online chastity key holder for my sissy slut as well. I do not want them playing with themselves without my permission. I keep them frustrated and denied and this, in turn, makes them much more submissive and obedient. I keep them with blue balls to make them into a keener sissy bitch.
All in all, using live forced feminization cam is the best way for me to have my male slaves degraded and humiliated enough to know exactly who is in charge.

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