blackmail mistress

Blackmail Mistress

Blackmail Mistress

Of all the acts and scenarios that there are in the world of female domination and bdsm, one of the most common is for a blackmail scenario. To have a sadistic Mistress in possession of all your details, as well as that of your friends and family, or to have compromising pictures of you sucking cock or dressed as a sissy maid is a huge rush for many submissives.

So what is Blackmail Fantasy Cams?

Blackmail fantasy is the scenario of being forced to do anythnig your Mistress requires under threat of having your kinks and fetishes revealed to all your friends and family or having pictures of you in compromising situations posted online where anyone can see them.

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Almost all Dominas love a blackmail scenario. Knowing they have you right in the palm of their hand and that they can make you do absolutely anything they want.

Seeing the beads of sweat on your forehead and hearing the tremble in your voice as they make you humiliate yourself or send them money you cant afford. They will own you. You will be their puppet that they can make dance and bounce you around whenever they want.

Many males think they are submissive but will act out and start getting too big for their boots. This is why so many online Dominas prefer blackmail because once they have your details, you can’t answer back or refuse to do anything. You are completely and utterly owned at that point.

She will always have a hold over you. When she says jump, you say how high. When she says send me money, you better pay up. If she says shove a dildo up your ass then you better lube that dildo up because these are cruel Dommes and their ruthless nature means they are being deadly serious when they have all your information.

There are hundreds of Mistress cam Dommes online at this site right now and each one is an expert in blackmailing useless male creatures and of making them suffer.

How A Mistress Gets Your Information

They all know exactly how to tease you and manipulate you into handing over all your info and all your wierd little kinks and fetishes and then using them all against you. 

Like all men, you probably go all giddy and drool like an idiot at the merest flash of boob or hint of a shapely leg or arse. You dont think this predictable weakness will be exploited?

Of course it will. She will be all nicey nice and sultry and seductive till she has your information and then she has you in her pocket. 

No more saying you will deep throat a dildo but hitting the disconnect button and claiming you got cut off. No more saying you are willing to be locked in chastity and then “accidently” forgetting to lock the padlock. Now you must follow it through to the bitter end unless you want her to call your wife, your mother, your boss or your friends and tell them all your dirty little secrets.

Have you ever had a teamviewer mistress? Giving her access to your computer and letting her rummage around in there, going through all your files and seeing your porn collection and what sites you have been on, letting her gather a picture. She will also be on your facebook, your twitter, instagram and have access to your emails. It is the ultimate in blackmail fantasy roleplay and most definitly not for the faint of heart.

Just imagine sitting there as she tells you to send her money. You know you cant afford it. It will leave you short. But you have no choice. You HAVE to send it or she will make a little phone call to your wife or GF and tell her everything. Or being told to bend over and take a 12″ dildo right up your arse. It is the last thing you want but if you dont, the pictures of you deep throating her strap on will be all over your facebook and twitter within seconds. 

Once she has you in this position there is no escape. These Dominatrix webcam hosts are absolutely ruthless when it comes to showing you they mean business.

The use of blackmail is not for the weak and most certainly not for those who are not serious about being totally dominated. 

By using the free femdom webcam chats facilty you can talk to your chosen live Mistress and tell her you are looking to be blackmailed and she can give you an idea of how she will proceed with it. Even this is part of the fantasy though

Do you want the details coaxed from you by an expert manipulatrix? Do you want to be tortured into giving them over by a heartless domme? Will a teamviewer Mistress get your info from your computer herself while you are forced to watch? Will she give you a verbal beatdown and turn you into a quivering jelly to force you to hand over all this information? This is what you can discuss in the free cams chat area and then you enter the private area and the serious stuff can begin.

There are no shortage of Mistresses online right now who love blackmail, and list it as one of their all time favourites. These mean bitches will have you eating from a dog bowl, making yourself penniless, forcing you into womens panties, making you suck cock or anything else that crosses their sadistic mind.

So what are you waiting for? Join up to the site today and select from any one of the Dommes who are available.

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